How are “Cuties” Made for Kids?





I’m sure you have all see those commercials for “cuties” the clementines MADE for kids. If not, here they are: 1, 2, 3, 4.

This marketing campaign has always rubbed me the wrong way. This company is literally admitting that they genetically modify their foods to satisfy a human desire (which is apparently that kids need small, sweet, seedless, easy to eat fruit more than the rest of the world). On one of the youtube videos, the Cuties company commented saying Cuties are not genetically modified. However, on their website, they say “CUTIES® undergo rigorous inspection to ensure superior quality, high sugar levels and minimal seed content. With such strict quality control, you’re assured that CUTIES® are the best-tasting”. This doesn’t sound very natural to me. Also the history page explains the history of the plant which in fact has been transported all over the world, has been bred to suit human desires, and were first grown in the US in a research center. This smells like genetic modification to me. 

It just cracks me up that this entire campaign is centered around how this fruit caters to humans and that is the reason we should all eat it. Since when do plants “naturally” cater to humans? Obviously the clementine didn’t one day decide to shrink itself, eliminate it’s seeds, make itself sweeter, or make itself easier to peel just because human children would like that.