Hi! Welcome to my blog! My name is Emma and I started this blog for my New Food Activism class this semester. Right now, I think the theme for my posts will be exploring why people eat what they eat. Is it necessity? Is it choice? What does society, the environment, or politics have to do with the food on your plate? How does what you eat reflect your values (if at all)? What does it say about you? Also addressing how people talk about what they eat: the preaching, the lies, the bragging, the judgment, and more.

My inspiration for this particular theme is my own family. We have all had a complicated relationship with food: from eating disorders to picky eaters to allergies to dietary limitations, we’ve seen it all. We have everything from vegetarians and vegans to carnivores and carbivores and celiacs to selectively gluten free. This often brings conflict and stress to family mealtime that ultimately leads to a lot of discussion around this theme of choice.

I would like to explore this idea of people’s relationship with their food in a scholarly way. I will draw on articles, discussions, advertisements, and more and analyze them through the anthropological lens.



Just a coincidence that today, during my procrastination, I stumbled upon this image on postsecret. This is a perfect example of one aspect of new food activism- the organic trend- permeating someone’s life. This person obviously feels societal/ familial pressure to keep up with the trend. The priority here is keeping up appearances rather than actual health or environmental benefits.


In later posts, I will hopefully explore the idea of this pressure more. Where does this pressure come from (who exerts it)? Who is it directed towards? What does it mean? But, for today, I’m just putting up this image to spark some thought.